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Galaxy/Milky Way/Yinnhe Uranus

Galaxy/Milky Way/Yinnhe Uranus
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Galaxy/Milky Way/Yinnhe Uranus

Galaxy / Milky Way / Yinhe Uranus Poly Short Pips-Out Table Tennis Rubber With Sponge Uranus Poly: new pips-out rubber for the new non-celluloid ball This latest pips-out rubber from Yinhe is designed with the new non-celluloid ball in mind. With strong built-in tensor effect, the softer sponge enables faster rebounds while maximizing rubber surface and ball contact. Uranus Poly provides enhanced speed and improved arc generation: it is a force multiplier for the offensive pips-out player.

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  • Model: Galaxy/Milky Way/Yinnhe Uranus, Short Pimpled

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