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Brand: Andro Model: Edge Tape
Andro Edge/Side Tape..
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Andro Blowfish
-35 %
Brand: Andro Model: Blowfish
Already after short adaptation time, the short pimples of the BLOWFISH are your weapon to set every opponent under pressure. The new type, aggressive pimple design successfully creates topspins as well as effective block and counterattacking strokes. In combination with the innovative TENSOR tec..
₹3,000.00 ₹4,599.00
Ex Tax:₹3,000.00
Andro Combi Cleaner
Hot -25 %
Brand: Andro Model: Combi Cleaner
ANDRO FREE CLEAN COMBI RUBBER CLEANER.  A handy size 100ml rubber cleaner.  This combi cleaner consists of 100ml cleaning fluid with a sponge applicator built in at the top so that you can easily wipe it all over the rubber surface.  This product is VOC free to comply with the new ITT..
₹450.00 ₹599.00
Ex Tax:₹450.00
Andro Free Glue 25 grams
New -40 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Free Glue 25 grams
water-based glue without any harmful volatile organic solvents, according to the new ITTF regulations.Convenient use via sponge applicator (25g)Bigger supply bottle with practical dispenser (500g)..
₹600.00 ₹1,000.00
Ex Tax:₹600.00
Andro Good Rubber
New Hot -25 %
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Good Rubber
Playing fast and hard, without compromises? OK, but not with andro® GOOD!andro® GOOD! was developed for players focusing on the essence of table tennis. Players, driving their opponents crazy with topspins on point, safe blocks and precise counter strokes, for all-rounders.andro® GOOD! – a classic r..
₹1,500.00 ₹2,000.00
Ex Tax:₹1,500.00
Andro GTT 40
New Hot -33 %
Brand: Andro Model: Andro GTT 40
andro GTT 40 – soft sponge for optimized ball control!Spinny modern top sheet supports a wide range of spin skills for growth in confidence.Exact regulation of the TENSOR effect increases feel for the ball and avoids loss of control.Designed for players learning techniques as well as players looking..
₹2,000.00 ₹2,999.00
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
Andro Hexer Duro
Hot -37 %
Brand: Andro Model: Hexer Duro
As the name suggests, this rubber offers excellent durability along with the characteristic speed and spin of the Hexer series. The medium-hard sponge provides for a broad range of strokes and its spinny top sheet increases ball dwell time, making Hexer Duro suitable for controlled blocking as well ..
₹2,500.00 ₹3,999.00
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Andro Hexer Grip
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Hexer Grip
Magic Spin / Amazing Control.Spin, feeling, consistency, control.Create magic spin: The advanced, plastic ball-optimized top sheet made of 100% natural rubber allows maximum spin and magical flight curves.Experience amazing control: The 45 ° medium high technology sponge wraps around the ball, incre..
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
Andro Hexer PowerGrip
New -44 %
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Hexer PowerGrip
Perform Like Hell / Magic SpinSpin, power, consistency, precision.Perform like hell: The 47.5 ° hard sponge with large pores creates catapult and power for a variety of spin and tempo strikes.Create magic spin: The advanced, plastic ball-optimized top sheet made of 100% natural rubber allows maximum..
₹2,800.00 ₹5,000.00
Ex Tax:₹2,800.00
Andro Inizio Off
New -17 %
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Inizio Off
The andro Inizio OFF impresses with its ideal price-performance ratio. The offensive execution of this low-cost model makes a controlled attacking game possible. Recommended for players who already have a solid foundation in the basic technology of topspin. Not too fast and yet with enough power to ..
₹2,500.00 ₹3,000.00
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Andro Kanter CO Off
New -36 %
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Kanter CO Off
Core made of 5.5 mm thick balsa wood, interlayer in carbon and fneline outer ply.Balsa-typical properties, such as the soft, slightly blurred impulse during the ball impact, perfectly complement the andro KANTER CO OFF with its relentless hardness of the carbon interlayer.The KANTER CO OFF will help..
₹7,000.00 ₹11,000.00
Ex Tax:₹7,000.00
Andro Kanter FO Off
New -40 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Andro Model: Andro Kanter FO Off
6mm balsa core, TXL Fiber interlayer and Limba outer ply.The TXL Fiber brings hardness and directness to your punches, which brings advantages especially in the game against downspin and during point-oriented actions.Fast handling even under pressure thanks to the low weight.For players who prefer a..
₹6,000.00 ₹10,000.00
Ex Tax:₹6,000.00
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