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Donic Coppa JO Gold
-37 %
Brand: Donic Model: Coppa JO Gold
The variation of the COPPA X series with a medium hard sponge. Even better ball control and feel with high speed and spin. The precision and control of COPPA X1 is second to none. The ideal rubber for most attacking players. Basic character: fast high precision spinny rubber, perfect touch. Player's..
₹2,300.00 ₹3,645.00
Ex Tax:₹2,300.00
Donic Liga Rubber
New -27 %
Brand: Donic Model: Donic Liga 2 mm
Excellent control, relatively grippy, very durable. Recommended for:Beginners and hobby players that want to play with an offensive playing style.control:9+speed:5-spin:6+hardness:Mediumsurface:high friction and controlCharacteristics:AR, AR -, DEF, DEF +DONIC-Technology:Starter Technology Rubbers..
₹1,000.00 ₹1,379.00
Ex Tax:₹1,000.00
Donic Persson Carbotec
-24 %
Brand: Donic Model: Persson Carbotec
Speed gluing has been banned, but power shots haven't. Players who want to achieve optimum power and highest speed, need the DONIC Persson Carbotec of the 5-times Swedish World Champion. Because of its extreme speed and its stiffness, this carbon-glass blade is the answer for players who want to ach..
₹4,000.00 ₹5,275.00
Ex Tax:₹4,000.00
Donic Sonex J P Gold
-39 %
Brand: Donic Model: Sonex J P Gold
He is famous for his powerful backhand smash, yet experts say that his strongest weapon is his blocking game. Jörgen Persson's control on his backhand blocks is truly impressive compared to that of other players. He prefers to play with slightly softer rubber than other professionals. In fact, his c..
₹2,200.00 ₹3,595.00
Ex Tax:₹2,200.00
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