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729 Friendship

729 Derwind Rayhe Rubber
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Brand: 729 Friendship Model: 729 Derwind Rayhe Rubber
729 Derwind Rayhe table tennis rubberDERWIND RAYHE rubber ittf number 164-002Introduce: The brand DERWIND is an offshoot of the world-famous Chinese brand 729 Friendship. The Rayhe is an offensive rubber specially developed for the plastic ball. What is exciting about this rubber is the fact th..
₹1,900.00 ₹3,600.00
Ex Tax:₹1,900.00
729 Derwind Stolz Rubber
New -47 %
Brand: 729 Friendship Model: 729 DERWIND Stolz rubber
729 Derwind Stolz table tennis rubber DERWIND STOLZ rubber Stolz (Backhand fast attack/loop) ittf number 164-001Introduce:According to DERWIND, this modern offensive rubber was specially made for the backhand side. Nevertheless, the Stolz can also be used on the forehand side. In any case,..
₹1,900.00 ₹3,600.00
Ex Tax:₹1,900.00
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